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It has more cream than the usaual macarons.
so you can enjoy it more savory and sweet.
Enjoy our fatcarons! Our desserts makes everything better ❤

Vanilla Nutella

It's filled with rich vanilla butter cream with Nutella cream on top

01. Vanilla Nutella.jpg

Cookie Time

It's filled with chocolate butter cream and the cookie time cookie crumb pieces outside!



It's filled with buttercream and hand made real strawberry jam inside!

Blueberry Cream Cheese

It's filled with Philadelphia cream cheese buttercream and handmade Blueberry jam inside!

Honey Grapefruit

It's filled with fresh grapefruit butter cream and grapefruit jam inside. Bitter and sweet and fresh!



​It's filled with espresso butter cream, and dark chocolate, crushed almonds and Maltesers inside!

Choco Banana

It's filled with banana buttercream, chocolate Ganache, and topped with a chocolate drizzle and some sprinkles!

Peanut Butter

It's filled with rich peanut butter buttercream.


Earl Grey & Choco

It's filled with handmade Earl Grey butter cream and Creamy Chocolate filling!

Green Tea Choco Brownie

It has creamy green tea filling! filled with green tea chocolate & brownie

Honey Blue Cheese

It has creamy blue cheese filling inside! Filled with the real manuka honey & crushed almond

Cheddar Cheese

It has creamy cheddar cheese filling and cheese cracker centred!

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